Oral Habits

Does your child have a damaging oral habit?
We know that it is difficult to decide an appropriate age when a child should stop sucking a finger. However, we want you to know that sucking a finger can damage the alignment of newly-erupting teeth in children. It's common, but the habit can be controlled and eliminated.

There is good news!
Once the decision has been made by the child and parents, Dr. Gurza can offer you a roadmap to eliminating the habit. Set appropriate rules and stick to them. We'll show you how.

Below is a simple game to help you eliminate finger sucking.


First, download a calendar to keep track of your daily Oral Habits.

Then, set up game levels to beat. Sign a contract with your parents to give you a prize when you beat each level. For example:
A) Thumb skips school: Tell yourself not to put your thumb in your mouth at school - YOU RULE.
B) Thumb sleeps if you're awake: Only allow the thumb in your mouth if you are in bed - YOU RULE; when the thumb goes in, the T.V. goes off - YOU RULE.
C) Thumb looks for new home: Talk to your thumb 10 times every morning and every evening: "Thumb, do not go in my mouth today - I RULE."

Here are some links providing more information on Oral Habits:

If you need a pep talk or your thumb is winning, call Dr. Gurza.

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