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Do I need to have permanent teeth removed to straighten my teeth?
Orthodontists have debated the need to remove permanent teeth to create space to straighten crooked teeth. We feel it is beneficial for you to understand the basics of this issue. Some orthodontists believe that expansion or widening the jaws can provide the required space. They feel that tooth removal could cause a narrower smile and increase the potential for TMJ (jaw joint) dysfunction. Other orthodontists feel that if the jaws are widened, then the teeth will not be stable, causing a return to original positions. They also feel expansion could cause gum problems and lead to impacted third molars (wisdom teeth).

Dr. Gurza's Extraction Philosophy
At The Brace Place. Dr. Gurza reviews all appropriate options with you and points out the benefits and disadvantages to each treatment method. Together we decide what will work best for you as an individual, taking into account the age of the patient, severity of the problem and desired facial features.

There are three main reasons Dr. Gurza may suggest for why we remove permanent teeth:

  1. overlapping and crooked teeth
  2. forward angulations of the front teeth causing excessive lip fullness
  3. dental compensation for unequal skeletal jaw size in non-growing (adult) patients.

If you have particular concerns about this issue and would like additional information, please call our office to arrange a consultation.

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